Fangmeier farm

The origin of Fangmeier farm and thus the corner stone of the later founded Friedrich Fangmeier Agrarhandel dates back to the year 1969.

Ever since potatoes have been cultivated at Fangmeier. Soon we specialised in crisp potatoes which boomed from 1976 on, based on the upcoming spread of potato crisps and snacks.

Looking back, we are proud to rely on more than 45 years of experience in producing potatoes and today still focus on the production of crisp potatoes.

Since the 1990 years Hans-Egon Fangmeier operates farms in Hungary and Romania, too.

Prodution network

Over the decades, an ample network of crisp potato cultivating partners grew besides Fangmeier farm, connected to Fangmeier by long-term supply relationships.

Today, we market around 200.000 tons of crisp potatoes that originate from farms around our core region Diepholz, from Holland and Hamelin to Brandenburg and the Free State of Thuringia, from Denmark to the Palatinate and from Italy and Egypt.

Our widely diversified sourcing strategy guarantees an effective supply chain and complies with a multitude of customer requirements. The regional distribution of our suppliers mitigates quality and crop risks. Farms at the North Sea specialised on seed multiplication provide us with high quality seed.

In Fangmeier greenhouses seed is chitted for our own production and for several farmers to ensure the transition into the new early crop around July.

Denmark production

The Fangmeier group co-operates with selected farmers in Denmark for many years now on a contract-based crisp potato production.

Cultivation and storage of the Danish contract volume is assisted by the knowledge and experience of the German contract production.

This accommodates the successful outsourcing concept of the Danish market leader – to be supplied exclusively by Fangmeier.

Our longtime partnership with Danish farmers allows us to supply nearly 100% Danish produced crisp potatoes.


From the supply of seed potatoes up to the time of loading, we accompany and support our contract farmers during the whole season by qualified agronomists.

These agronomists stand by our farmers advising throughout cultivation, growth stage and the harvesting period and monitoring continuously the quality of about 120 storehouses.

To constantly assure high quality and innovation we invest in the development of new varieties.

Annually, we cultivate 30 to 40 different new and established varieties on test fields and document the varying production conditions.

The results are investigated regarding yield, resistance and qualities besides acrylamide.


For Fangmeier the new season starts in June with early crop from Italy. Moving north to Kaiserstuhl and the Palatinate area’s new crops we connect up to North German early crop around mid of July.

The ground around Diepholz can be categorised into sand soil, loamy soil, Esch soil and Clay soil providing conditions that cover different supply periods, adequately.

Thereby, we safeguard the year-round supply of our customers with the highest possible quality.

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